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Bouldering Moore's Wall

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Work began on the guide as a hobby in July 2010. The goal was to chronicle the history of Bouldering at Moore's Wall for future generations of climbers to enjoy and to solidify names and grades. Along the way it became clear that a good guide should leave certain aspects up to the imagination. This means not enumerating every line on every rock, even if it has been climbed. Discovery and turn over are important aspects of climbing.

Make no mistake, this has been a homegrown production. From the alien technology for map making to the hardcore LaTeX based code at the heart of the book to the interviews with locals and help in proof reading and input on design and function.

This is the first and only of its kind, 5.88" wide by 8.25" tall, 3/4 pound, full-color, 166 page, perfect bound, softcover guide to Bouldering at Moore's Wall.
  • Over 300 problems, from The Trailside, Main, Valley, North End, and Two Mile areas. As well as a few Satellite areas including: Howie's Roof and Octagon. Lucky for you, variations (and climbing-up downclimbs) are not counted as problems! Instead they are handled as they should be, mentioned only as a popular variation on a real climb.
  • Problems are rated using the Vermin Scale. Avoid the hipster trend.
  • Stars Rating System - Three stars means its an area classic, with no mention of style, flow, claimed quality of rock. Stars are there to guide you to what the locals climb.
  • An unpredented insight into the history. Over 30 one-liners from locals about their thoughts, experiences, memories of climbing at Moore's Wall.
  • Photographs of boulders showing the actual path of the climb with starting holds indicated by circles.
  • Maps accurate and to scale built from homemade GPS device.

Errata, Omissions, FAs, and Renames

At the moment it is best to send an email to "mooreswallnc" at gmail.

This portion of the site is currently a work in progress, but it'll ultimately be a more interactive page. Please remember to be specific with errors and note that some climbs were intentionally omitted to keep to the classics.
After two years in the making, the guide is finally complete. It is with a heavy heart that I make this available to the public. Please understand that your actions both good and bad are important to the survival of climbing and legitimate access.

Here's the fine print. This is a small operation and we are trying to respect the notion that not everyone in the world needs to know about Moore's Wall. Also that a guide does not need to be mass marketed nor be flooded with 30 pages of advertisement to offset the cost of production. We have purchased a limited run of the book from the printer and will continue to sell them until they are sold out. The retail price of the book is 39.99USD plus tax and S/H. Check out the guide-shots, it is worth it.

But wait, there's more!
You can make a donation to the project - If you make a donation of more than the costs of the guide, you will receive a signed copy as a gift! Clicking one the buttons below will open a new window and begin the secure payment process through PayPal.

I will be out 9-15-14 to 9-19-14. If you purchase a guide during this time it will ship on 9-22-14.

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9/7/2013, we still have guides to go around -- changed "Pre-Sale" to "Purchase", not sure how long that was wrong!
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